Kazon TCARS viewscreen

Relativity viewscreen shows timeline data for Voyager's encounter with the Kazon

TCARS navigation panel

Lieutenant Ducane at temporal navigation

TCARS was an acronym for the Temporal Computer Access and Retrieval System used aboard 29th century timeships. It was the successor to the Federation's starship LCARS. It could be operated by touch or by simply moving one's hand over a control surface.

The TCARS computer system was used aboard Wells-class timeships, such as the USS Relativity. On the Relativity, it could be used to locate past problems in a timeline along with performing normal starship computer routines. (VOY: "Relativity")

The on-screen appearances of term "TCARS" is entirely in lower case letters, and wasn't spoken in dialogue. It appeared on the viewscreen diagrams, and in a series of dialogs depicting the temporal disruptor and the Kazon encounter.

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