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T'Vran Captain.jpg

The captain of the T'Vran

The captain of the T'Vran
Class: Science Vessel
Affiliation: Vulcan
Status: Active (2369)

The T'Vran was a Vulcan science vessel that was in service in the mid-24th century. In 2369, the T'Vran was on an exploration mission of the Gamma Quadrant.

In that year, on its return trip to the Alpha Quadrant, the T'Vran offered assistance to the Starfleet runabout USS Ganges, located on the outskirts of the Chamra Vortex. Although its pilot, Odo, required no assistance, he did request to have two Rakhari survivors aboard transported back to Vulcan. (DS9: "Vortex")

The captain of the T'Vran was never named, and is included on the list of unnamed Vulcans.

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