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T'Pel was a Vulcan diplomat and renowned Federation ambassador during the late-24th century.

In 2367, the Romulan Empire requested T'Pel as an intermediary in peace negotiations between the Romulans and the Federation. The ambassador apparently died during transport from the USS Enterprise-D to the warbird IRW Devoras. It was later discovered that T'Pel was in fact Subcommander Selok, a Romulan agent assigned to infiltrate the Federation diplomatic corps - the peace overtures and transporter malfunction carefully planned in order to facilitate her extraction. (TNG: "Data's Day")

The incident was later mentioned and criticized by Admiral Norah Satie during a trial aboard the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "The Drumhead")



Ambassador T'Pel was played by actress Sierra Pecheur.

The script for "Data's Day" describes the pronunciation of her name as "TA-PELL". Of her first appearance, it says, "She is Vulcan, middle-aged, and has the cool, regal bearing common to her species." [1]

Her headwear was created by "Harry Hatz".


In the Pocket TNG novel The Romulan Prize, Selok manages to acquire a special computer access isolinear chip, that allows an individual to bypass the security lockouts on Starfleet computer databases, during her time in Federation space. This chip is given to Commander Valak in 2368, allowing him to access the Enterprise's computer systems after capturing the ship. He looks for information on Hermeticus II which is located somewhere in the Romulan Neutral Zone and is classified as a quarantined world in Starfleet records. This information makes the Romulans suspicious, believing that a military base is present in the region.

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