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T'Paal (isolationist)

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You may also be looking for T'Pol, the Enterprise NX-01's science officer.
For the Vulcan city, see T'Paal (city).

T'Paal was a Vulcan female who in 2369 posed as a Romulan mercenary (named Tallera) to infiltrate Arctus Baran's raider in an attempt to obtain all the pieces of the Stone of Gol.

In early 2370, she revealed herself to Galen, who himself was covertly portrayed by Jean-Luc Picard, to be a member of the V'Shar, and claimed to be aboard to investigate a possible threat to Vulcan by preventing the assembly of the Stone of Gol, which was revealed to be a psionic resonator.

She was in fact a member of the Vulcan Isolationist Movement, which wished to acquire the Stone of Gol to purge Vulcan of all outside influences. Her efforts, however, were thwarted by Captain Picard, who realized the weapon was useless against a mind void of anger. (TNG: "Gambit, Part II")

T'Paal was played by actress Robin Curtis.

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