The T'Plana-Hath type was a type of warp-capable Vulcan starship that was in service during the mid-21st century. (Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2258, ships of this type were seen in the shuttlebay of the Narada. (Star Trek)

T'Plana-Hath, DS9 lcars

In 2374-2375, a graphic of a T'Plana-Hath type starship as seen in the USS Defiant's library computer. (DS9: "Favor the Bold", "Sacrifice of Angels", "What You Leave Behind")

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Background informationEdit

The name of the Vulcan vessel (or class) in Star Trek: First Contact does not come from the movie itself, but rather backstage sources.

There is a discrepancy as to whether it was a lander from a larger ship or an independent warp vessel; in the novelization, Zefram Cochrane mentioned the "captain" of the T'Plana-Hath had an even larger vessel in orbit. John Eaves, however, intended the ship seen in the film to be a warp-ship. [1]

For information on the studio model, see T'Plana-Hath-type model.

Apocrypha Edit

The Star Trek: The Original Series - Core Game Book by Last Unicorn Games named this type of ship the Voroth-class, and the specific ship from Star Trek: First Contact as the Vesaya (β).

The Star Trek Roleplaying Game by Decipher described this type of ship as the T'Plana Hath-class. The module Starships listed it as a medium-range exploration vessel constructed beginning in 2053.

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