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Syrran was a Vulcan who founded a small group called the Syrrannites, who were dedicated to returning the Vulcan people to what they believed to be the true teachings of Surak.

In 2137, he discovered a katric ark containing the katra of Surak, and took Surak's katra into his own mind. When Syrran traveled he assumed the name of Arev, which meant "desert wind" in Vulcan.

By 2154, Syrran had gathered a number of followers, who gathered at the hidden T'Karath Sanctuary, where Syrran hoped to find the Kir'Shara. That year, Arev encountered Jonathan Archer and T'Pol in Vulcan's Forge, while the two were attempting to track down the Syrrannite base. Arev was killed by an electrical discharge from a sand fire storm. His last act was to transfer the katra of Surak to Archer, leaving the Starfleet captain to complete the mission he began. (ENT: "The Forge", "Awakening")

Background information

Syrran was played by Michael Nouri. Both executive producer Manny Coto and Judith Reeves-Stevens, who co-wrote "The Forge" (along with her husband, Garfield Reeves-Stevens), were thrilled with Nouri's performance in the role. Coto remarked, "When I saw him in the dailies I was sorry that we had killed him off." Commented Judith Reeves-Stevens, "The nice thing about Michael's interpretation of Syran, that was something we specifically put in the script, that this was a Vulcan unlike any we had seen in the series, that he was a Kolinahr master and we should feel that difference." (Cinefantastique, Vol. 37, No. 2, p. 37)

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