Ensign Swinn was a crew member on the USS Voyager while that ship was in the Delta Quadrant. She was assigned to engineering.

In 2372, Swinn's order of eggs was burning, so she asked Hogan to flip them for her. She was one of many officers who could not keep the mess hall under control without the presence of Neelix, who had been merged with Tuvok in a transporter accident. The situation was resolved when Tuvix stepped in to help. (VOY: "Tuvix")

Later that year, B'Elanna Torres berated Swinn for filing an incomplete, error-riddled diagnostic report. She apologized, saying she was distracted. Swinn then discussed approaching Tuvok with regard to getting medical help from the Vidiians when Janeway and Chakotay were infected with an incurable disease. (VOY: "Resolutions")

Ensign Swinn was played by Bahni Turpin.
The character was originally intended to become a recurring character, in much the same way as Hogan was (at that point in Star Trek: Voyager's run). Jeri Taylor related, "Recently realizing [the convenience of the Hogan character], we also cast a female for the same position, a player we would like to be able to use in the same way if she works out." (Star Trek Monthly issue 15)

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