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Suus Mahna was a form of ancient Vulcan martial arts which took many years to learn.

T'Pol was trained in the arts of Suus Mahna, and in 2152, she tried to teach as much of it as she could to the inhabitants of a deuterium mining colony in order to ward off Klingon pirates that had been harassing them for five seasons.

One important move she taught them, the Navorkot, was a way to evade an oncoming blade by jumping to the side and rolling based on reading their movements to foresee where they intended to strike. (ENT: "Marauders")

Suus Mahna was named after Mike Sussman by writer Chris Black. In return, Sussman named Admiral Black after Chris Black. (from Mike Sussman)
It is probable the tal-shaya, from TOS: "Journey to Babel", is a move in Suus Mahna or that the two are related in some way.
Spock was to use Suus Mahna in Star Trek to defeat the Romulan crew of the Narada, but ultimately it was dropped in favor of a gunfight. This was retained in the film's novelization wherein, observing Spock defeat five Romulans by neutralizing the strongest one first then the second strongest and so on, Kirk marvels that Spock even fights logically. The same passage also states that Suus Mahna is a purely defensive practice; forced to use a more "Human" method to convince a wounded Romulan to reveal the Jellyfish's location after a mind meld fails, Spock – upon being told to "Suus Mahna his ass" by Kirk – insists to the point of insubordination that, with the Romulan defeated, Suus Mahna was out of place. However, when Kirk shoots back that, given what the Narada and its crew have done to Vulcan and are attempting to do to Earth, his misguided belief that the man was a threat was understandable, Spock concedes the point and proceeds to beat the information out of the Romulan. (Big Bro Quinto, Star Trek Blu-ray special features)

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