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Suspiria's array

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Suspiria's array
Suspirias array.jpg

Suspiria's array

Type: Nacene array
Affiliation: Nacene
Status: Active (2372)
Crew: Several hundred

Suspiria's array was a large space station in the Delta Quadrant. Built by the Nacene and powered by a tetryon reactor, the array served as a location from which Suspiria could protect and serve the Ocampa on board.

In 2372, USS Voyager found Suspiria's array, after being pulled into the Delta Quadrant by her mate with a similar array. Aboard the array lived several hundred Ocampa. The residents of the array, with the help of Suspiria, had developed heightened mental powers and extended their lifespans. The Ocampan leader, Tanis, helped Kes develop her powers while leading Voyager into a trap so that it could be destroyed as revenge for what Suspiria believed to be their role in the Caretaker's death.

After being subdued and then released by Janeway Suspiria retreated into her home dimension and Voyager, along with Kes, left the array behind and continued on with their journey. (VOY: "Cold Fire")

After the events of "Cold Fire", the Nacene, also known as the Caretakers, were mentioned in the episode "The Voyager Conspiracy", where Seven of Nine is concerned that the power source for a graviton catapult is one of the generators from the Caretaker's array.
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (pg. 84), the USS Voyager visited this station on stardate 49040.

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