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Upper torso of a sur-snake

Sur-snake swimming

A sur-snake


A stunned sur-snake on the ocean floor

The sur-snake was a poisonous aquatic creature native to the planet Argo. The source of the sur-snake's poison was from a venom shot from its mouth. It was noted for having dual respiratory systems, both lungs and gills, and a similar skeletal structure to that of the Denebian whale.

Despite its poisonous nature, the sur-snakes' venom was used in 2269 to reverse the surgo-op, a mutation Spock and James T. Kirk underwent that transformed them into water-breathers. (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

In the novelization of the story included in Star Trek Log 5, one of the Aquans referred to the sur-snake as a cpheryhm-aj.

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