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Suliban stealth-cruiser

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The Suliban stealth-cruiser was a starship used by the Suliban Cabal. It was normally undetectable by Starfleet technology due to its cloaking device. Its armaments included four particle beam weapon banks. The standard crew complement was at least 20.

If detected while cloaked, it would be vulnerable to phase cannon fire, which could disable critical systems and spatial torpedoes could penetrate it's hull.

In March of 2152, the Cabal destroyed the colony at Paraagan II, and attempted to frame the crew of Enterprise for the tragedy. The cruiser was later discovered by Enterprise in a nearby binary star system using quantum beacons provided by temporal agent Daniels. A boarding party infiltrated the Suliban ship and stole information confirming that the Cabal was responsible for the colony's destruction. (ENT: "Shockwave")


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