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Voyager subspace communications log

The (incomplete) subspace communications log of Voyager

A subspace log, also known as a subspace communication log or transmission log, was a log of incoming and outgoing subspace communications. In Federation starships of the mid-23rd century, this log was periodically filed by a ship's communications officer.

In 2266, after Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, the communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise, had filed a subspace log, her supervising officer, Lieutenant Commander Spock, informed her that there was an error in the frequencies column. (TOS: "The Man Trap")

When Ro Laren was confronted by Jean-Luc Picard about leave the USS Enterprise-D without authorization, in 2368, she told him that she had actually gotten permission via communication from Admiral Kennelly, which she said could be confirmed by the subspace log. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

Later that year, Data and Spock, who had hacked into the Romulan Information Net, were able to access Romulan subspace logs that identified a transmission from the Romulan surface to a Barolian freighter near Galorndon Core, which simply contained a short sequence of numbers: 1400. (TNG: "Unification II")

In 2369 Constable Odo checked all of the communication logs during the Klaestron Civil War and found evidence that Curzon Dax and Enina Tandro had an affair. (DS9: "Dax")

When Captain Kathryn Janeway learned about a traitor among her crew, she gave security chief Tuvok the order to go personally through all transmission logs and compare them to the actual telemetry. (VOY: "State of Flux")

In 2372, Neelix identified several gaps in Voyager's subspace communication logs in the past month, suggesting that something had been erased. Tuvok suggested it might have been due to a recent plasma overload, but Neelix assured him that he had checked several other logs and found no such gaps in their records. He believed it was indicative of someone making secret transmissions and covering their tracks afterwards. (VOY: "Investigations")