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A subspace emission scan is a report made by computers aboard a starship, where subspace field subatomic particle levels are read out on a viewscreen, based on information from the starship's sensors.

One such emission scan displayed continuously on several bridge monitors aboard USS Voyager and other starships like it. (Star Trek: Voyager video playback set artwork)

A subspace emission scan was used by the USS Voyager to detect a micro-wormhole in 2371. (VOY: "Eye of the Needle")

Particles listedEdit

The "subspace emission scan 247" screen was a computer graphic artwork played continuously on some monitors on the set of Star Trek: Voyager, aboard Voyager and probably many other starships of the same era. The screen is reproduced legibly in Stephen Edward Poe's A Vision of the Future - Star Trek: Voyager companion book.

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