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Subspace amplifier

Echo Two being deployed

A subspace amplifier was a communications array designed to allow real-time subspace communication.

A series of subspace amplifiers were deployed by the Earth starship Enterprise during its initial exploratory mission. The amplifiers were deployed to allow better communication with Earth and United Earth Starfleet Command. The amplifiers were designated by letter-number combinations. The first such device, Echo One, was deployed in July of 2151, with Echo Two being deployed two months later. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

In September of 2151, an unknown alien vessel destroyed both Echo One and Two during a sustained attack on Enterprise. Following the successful elimination of the alien threat, a third amplifier was dropped, to replace the lost two. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

Though referenced in both "Fortunate Son" and "Silent Enemy", a subspace amplifier appears in only the latter episode. In the script for "Silent Enemy", the amplifier is described thus; "It looks like a 22nd Century version of a communications satellite."

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