Azati Prime underwater weapon

The submersible infrastructure while containing the Xindi weapon

The submersible infrastructure was an underwater facility where the Xindi weapon was built.

In early 2154, the submersible infrastructure was discovered by Commander Charles Tucker III and Ensign Travis Mayweather while they were in a Xindi-Insectoid shuttlecraft that they flew to the location from Enterprise NX-01. The facility contained the Xindi weapon at that time, nearly completion and surrounded by craft such as Xindi-Aquatic scout ships and Xindi-Insectoid patrol ships. However, when Captain Jonathan Archer visited the area a few hours later, taking the Xindi-Insectoid craft on a return journey there, he found the submersible infrastructure was empty. (ENT: "Azati Prime")

The term "submersible infrastructure" comes from the final draft script of "Azati Prime", which repeatedly referred to the facility as a "gigantic, submersible infrastructure".
John Eaves did some design work on the submersible infrastructure. "The idea was big and the technology was to reflect a submerged ship yard with multiple layers of cabling, lights, and construction vessels working round the clock to get this bomb ready for delivery to Earth," Eaves recalled. He illustrated an initial version that "was brutally rejected, and stripped down to a few not so exciting simple frame work ideas," in his words. Eaves went on to remark, "I believe Doug [Drexler] wound up finishing this one up and his versions also were taken down to bare minimums. So despite it’s 4F rating I still liked how it turned out and it now is a fav in my Portfolio." [1]

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