New Atlantis presentation, subcontinent

The proposed new subcontinent of Atlantis

A subcontinent is a large part of a continent.

While discussing the New Atlantis Project with his brother, Robert Picard stated that he believed Earth didn't need another subcontinent. (TNG: "Family")

Ledos surface

A jungle on the southern subcontinent of Ledos

A class M planet in orbit of a G-type star was chosen as the new home for the recently awakened Vaadwaur. The planet featured a subcontinent with edible vegetation and an underground water supply. Unfortunately, the region was also subject to windstorms. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

The Central Protectorate of Kelemane's planet was located on a subcontinent on the southern hemisphere of the planet. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")

When in orbit of Norcadia, The Doctor chose to spend one afternoon by visiting the Norcadian Museum of Entomology and seeing a "fascinating exhibit of beetle larvae from the equatorial subcontinent." (VOY: "Tsunkatse")

A Dinaali woman who was chief engineer of a water irrigation facility which provided water to half a subcontinent on Dinaal was treated in level blue of Hospital Ship 4-2 in 2377. (VOY: "Critical Care")

The natives of Otrin's homeworld lived in a small subterranean settlement on the northern subcontinent of their homeworld. (VOY: "Friendship One")

The energy barrier that separated and protected the Ventu from the Ledosians was located on the southern subcontinent on Ledos. (VOY: "Natural Law")