Vulcan sub-commander rank insignia, Broken Bow

Vulcan sub-commander rank insignia of the 22nd century

Sub-commander was a military rank used by organizations such as the Vulcan High Command and the Romulan Star Empire. In joint operations with Earth Starfleet, a Vulcan sub-commander was treated as being a grade below a Starfleet captain and above a Starfleet commander.

According to The Making of Star Trek (p. 256), the Romulan rank of sub-commander is fully equal to a Federation Starfleet captain.
The name used first, and most often, in Star Trek scripts was "Sub-Commander", but it is also common to see it spelled as "Subcommander". Monitor displays, such as in ENT: "The Catwalk", used the spelling "Sub-commander".

Sub-commanders Edit

In the first draft script of Star Trek Nemesis, Donatra was another Romulan subcommander, though her rank was ultimately changed to that of commander.

References Edit

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