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In military ranks, a subahdar is equivalent to an army captain, or navy lieutenant. A subahdar ranks below an ahdar.

Subahdar Gallatin was second-in-command to Ahdar Ru'afo of the Son'a. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Roga Danar of Angosia III, who served in the Tarsian War in the mid-24th century, was two times promoted to the rank of a subahdar. (TNG: "The Hunted")


In the script for "The Hunted", the Encyclopedia, and the Star Trek Customizable Card Game, the title was misspelled as subhadar.

The subahdar (also spelled subedar or subadar) is an Indian infantry rank. It ranks between a jemadar and a subadar-major. The jemadar rank was probably the inspiration for the name of the Jem'Hadar species. See Bharat Rakshak and the British Library for more information.

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