Alliance members

Turkana IV alliance fighters with stunsticks and pistol phasers

A stunstick was a hand-held directed energy weapon. It was a one meter-long rodlike weapon that was used by cadre forces fighting for control of the Turkana IV colony. The weapon was capable of delivering a powerful shock to an opponent, with a direct hit capable of cracking bones.

In 2367, Ishara Yar was injured by a stunstick during an away team mission with members of the USS Enterprise-D crew. (TNG: "Legacy")

The weapon was not named in the episode. The name is derived from the shooting script. The script describes the intended beam effect as "a bright, crackling arc flash", though in the final episode the visual and audio beam effect was identical to the phaser pistols used by the colonists. This would suggest the weapon was eventually intended to be a phaser. [1]

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