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Stron was a Vulcan warp field specialist during Earth's 20th century.

In 1957, Stron's vessel crash landed on Earth in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, a small mining town in the United States of America. While there, he worked as a plumber to earn money. Often when there were no Humans around, he would use Vulcan technology to repair the piping more easily.

After several months, Stron had grown annoyed with Humans, including one boy who continually commented that his hairstyle looked similar to that of Moe, one of The Three Stooges. He and crewmate T'Mir were finally rescued by another Vulcan ship soon after. (ENT: "Carbon Creek")

In the final draft script of "Carbon Creek", Stron was described as older than crewmate Mestral. Stron was played by actor Michael Krawic.

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