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The dwellers of Stratos city were the upper social class on Ardana. They were usually well dressed in comfortable blue clothing which ranged from robes to large hats. Ardanan city-dwellers considered themselves to be an enlightened culture, devoting most of their time to the arts and philosophy.

This was possible because all hard labor on their planet was done by a subjugated caste, the Troglytes. According to the Troglytes, when Stratos was built it was promised that both groups would live there, but in reality city-dwellers exiled Troglytes to the surface, citing their inferior mental capacities as justification. A resistance movement, the Disrupters was formed, and in 2269 it was discovered that while Troglytes were indeed inferior, this was only due to the effects of a gas released by unrefined zenite. Masks were distributed to negate the effects of the gas, however it was unsure if the balance of power was changed as a result of this.

The City Dwellers ruled through a council, and as of 2269, Plasus held the position of high adviser to the council. They had a death penalty and used torture in questioning prisoners. (TOS: "The Cloud Minders")

Supposedly their entire population was contained in the single cloud city of Stratos. Though it was said that they spend all their time pursuing art and culture, leaving work to the Troglytes, at least the profession of guard on Stratos seemed to be filled by city-dwellers.

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