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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2016 is a collection of short stories published in October 2016. [1]


From the ordinary to the extraordinary, here are ten all-new fan-created stories embraced by the vision of Star Trek®! When Gene Roddenberry first created this landmark television series fifty years ago, he also tapped a wellspring of human imagination. Viewers were immediately transformed, and over the decades turned the very definition of "fan" on its ear. However, when what was on the screen was simply not enough, fans started writing their own stories...
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, here are the electrifying results of the 2016 Strange New Worlds writing contest – the best fan-created stories by new writers such as: Derek Tyler Attico, Neil Bryant, Chris Chaplin, John Coffren, Nancy Debretsion, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Roger McCoy, Kristen McQuinn, Gary Piserchio & Frank Tagader, and Michael Turner.
By the fans, and for the fans. Boldly going where no one has gone before.

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  • Cover art by Doug Drexler.
  • The announced "first place" winners who did not get spots in the collection were Kerry F. Booth and James Corrigan; presumably their stories were based on the Original Series.

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