A stipend was an allowance of money granted to an individual to take care of living expenses.

In 2370, Quark was able to broker seats on vessels evacuating Deep Space 9 by offering some passengers what he referred to as a "reasonable stipend" not to leave, thereby making those seats free for others. (DS9: "The Siege")

In 2371, while visiting their home on Ferenginar, Rom noted to Quark that Moogie had acquired some new things, attributing it to the generous (monthly) stipend Quark gave her. Later, Quark told Rom what their mother's crime had been - investing some of that stipend in a Hupyrian beetle farm and making profit, a crime for female Ferengi. Rom tried to convince her to cooperate with the FCA and sign a confession of her "crime", saying he could probably get Quark to increase her stipend if she did so. She refused, saying it was already more than enough and that it was a matter of pride, not needing or wanting more funds. (DS9: "Family Business")