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General Stex was a Klingon officer in the late-23rd century.

In 2293, Stex accompanied Chancellor Gorkon and his contingent in attending a formal dinner aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A, which was escorting Kronos One to peace talks on Earth. Later that evening, when a pair of assassins beamed aboard Kronos One, Stex was seriously wounded, losing his right arm in the attack, which also resulted in the death of Chancellor Gorkon. Stex later testified at the trial for Captain James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy. Later, Stex attended the Khitomer Conference with Azetbur, Gorkon's daughter, who had been elevated to the position of Chancellor in the wake of her father's death. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

General Stex was played by actor Brett Porter.
Stex' name was not spoken in the movie, but was mentioned in the closing credits.
The Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives his name as Kor'choth.

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