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Steve Sandor (born 27 October 1937; age 78), from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was an actor who made his first television appearance on Star Trek: The Original Series, playing Lars in the second season episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion".

Before becoming an actor, Sandor spent time in as a steel worker in his native Pennsylvania. He also used to train sentry dogs while serving as an Air Policeman in the U.S. Air Force.

Having appeared in many television shows such as Gunsmoke, Ironside, The Streets Of San Francisco (with Vic Tayback), Starsky and Hutch (with David Soul), CHIPs (with Michael Dorn), Fantasy Island (with Ricardo Montalban), The A-Team (with Dwight Schultz), and Hardcastle and McCormick (with Brian Keith and Daniel Hugh Kelly), he is perhaps best known for his role as the ill-fated biker gang leader in the 1980 cult film The Ninth Configuration (with TNG guest star Richard Lynch playing a second biker) and as the voice of the heroic Darkwolf in the 1983 animated fantasy film Fire and Ice.

Sandor also had supporting roles in the 1967 Western Rough Night in Jericho (with Jean Simmons and the 1969 World War II classic The Bridge at Remagen, a semi-regular role on the short-lived TV series The Yellow Rose (with David Soul), and the title role in the 1983 science fiction film Stryker, co-starring Biff Yeager. Sandor was also part of the extensive cast of the epic 1978 TV mini-series Centennial, as were fellow Star Trek alumni Michael Ansara, Henry Darrow, Cliff DeYoung, Robert DoQui, Robert Easton, Brian Keith, Sally Kellerman, Stephen McHattie, Nick Ramus, Clive Revill, James Sloyan, Morgan Woodward, and Anthony Zerbe.

In 1998, Sandor provided the voice for the character Orion in Superman The Animated Series (a role later continued by Ron Perlman in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited). Other Star Trek actors/actresses provide voice work for the series such as: Christopher McDonald, Ron Perlman, Jason Marsden, Michael Dorn, Joanna Cassidy, Clancy Brown, Malcolm McDowell, Corey Burton, Lori Petty, Victor Brandt, Charles Napier, Diane Michelle, Andrea Martin, Tony Jay, Sherman Howard, David Warner, Jeff Bennett, David L. Lander, Frank Welker, Jim Cummings, Larry Drake, Ron Glass, Marcelo Tubert, Jennifer Hale, Cam Clarke, Larry Cedar, Miguel Ferrer, Robert Ito, Hassan Nicholas, Tress MacNeille, Dean Jones, Robert Costanzo, Peter Renaday, Carolyn Seymour, Clyde Kusatsu, Paul Williams and Peter Mark Richman.

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