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Steve Neill (born 5 March 1952; age 64) has been a special effects makeup artist, film maker, model maker and visual effects artist in film and television for over 35 years. Steve first worked for Fred B. Phillips on Star Trek: The Motion Picture (uncredited). His first job was to make Spock's ears. Additional he designed and made the appliances the dome headed alien on the bridge that was applied by Ve Neill.

Spock's ear molds

Steve's first ear molds for Spock

Steve brought in many of the crew to work in the make-up department who were makeup effects friends he had been working with at the time. Rick Stratton, Ve Neill, and Mark Siegel.

Steve recalls the first day he worked in the makeup department on the Paramount back lot:

One night working late my light at the table was blocked by a tall Shadow. An unmistakable voice rang out asking, "Are those my ears?" I looked up from the table to a legend towering over me and in a small rather humble voice said yes.

Steve being a Star Trek fan was thrilled to be allowed to work on the first Star Trek movie.

He also worked on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (uncredited but given credit in Variety along with the rest of Richard's makeup crew) where he worked for Richard Snell as a sculptor and prosthetic make of numerous Klingon forehead pieces. Additionally he worked on the Next Generation pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint".

Steve also worked on GhostBusters, Fright Night, Laser Blast, and many other sci-fi and horror films.

He currently is a visual effects artist working in CGI VFX and producing his own Star Trek spin off, Star Trek Sirius. [1] Additionally his work can be seen on his blog.

Steve talks in more details about his work on Star Trek: The Motion Picture on his web site.

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