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Steve Conley (born 1969) is a graphic designer and comic book science fiction artist from Long Island, New York. He is the creator of Astounding Space Thrills, an independent science fiction series. He also, with Rick Veitch, created the "ComicCon" online comic book convention website.

He attended the State University of New York at Farmingdale in the Advertising Art program, but became bored with the tradition style of art as he moved into digital artwork on his Macintosh computer. After leaving the University, he took a job with the Gannett Graphics Network (GGN), shortly before the Gulf War broke out. Eighteen months later, he was working as a graphic designer for USA Today.

The entire time, he had been drawing comic strips, and self-published a book called Avant Guard. He has commented that "the first issue of Avant Guard came out in April of 1994, which I've heard some refer to as the month the comic-book collapse began. I'd like to formally apologize for collapsing the comics industry." [1]

In 1995, he broke into web design, being one of the main designers of the with Marty Baumann. Conley resigned from that position in 1996 to create his own web publishing company, Conley Interactive.

He has worked on a variety of comics, writing, penciling, inking, and doing cover art, and most recently provided covers for all six issues of IDW Publishing's Year Four series, and contributed the interior artwork for three of the issues.

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