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Dr. Steven Novick, DDS is a celebrity dentist and actor who appeared as a background actor in episodes of three Star Trek television series. He also visited the set of Star Trek Nemesis and took a picture with Patrick Stewart.

For his appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise, Novick is listed as contest winner "Stephen Novik" on the call sheet. He filmed his scene on Wednesday 27 March 2002 and is listed as "Male Alien 1M" – Contest Winner on the call sheet.

Besides Star Trek, Novick also worked as background actor on episodes of Frasier, Oz, Saturday Night Live, Bored to Death, and Boston Legal (2006, with William Shatner, Rene Auberjonois, Lisa Vidal, Scott MacDonald, and Alex Nevil) and in the comic adaptations Iron Man 2 (2010, with Stan Lee, Matt McColm, and Mark Casimir Dyniewicz) and The Avengers (2012, with Chris Hemsworth, Kenneth Tigar, Jamie McShane, Stan Lee, and Damion Poitier).

As dentist, Novick has run his dental practice for over twenty-five years in Franklin Square, New York, USA. He has been married to Adrienne and the couple has three children, Peri, Max, and Teagan.

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