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Stephen Markle (born 26 September 1945; age 72) is the actor who portrayed Kova Tholl in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "Allegiance" in 1990.

Markle co-starred in Ticket to Heaven with Saul Rubinek, Meg Foster, and Kim Cattrall. He starred with Michele Scarabelli in Perfect Timing.

He appeared as Theodore Snow on the television series First Monday, co-starring Camille Saviola and Gail Strickland. Markle appeared in Crossing Jordan with Miguel Ferrer, Susan Gibney, Jeffrey Nordling, and Wallace Shawn. He guested on an episode of A Man Called Sloane with Clive Revill. He also appeared in The Edge of Night with Bruce Gray. In an episode of Civil Wars, he guested with Tricia O'Neil and Don Stark. Dey Young guested with Markle in an episode of The Practice. In an episode of Without a Trace, he guested with Daniel Dae Kim. Neal McDonough starred in Medical Investigation, a TV show in which Markle guested. He guested on an episode of The West Wing with Bruce Gray.

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