Augment embryos

The stasis globes are viewed by Soong and Lokesh

A stasis globe was a spherical container that held an embryo in stasis. More than eighteen thousand stasis globes, each containing an Augment embryo, were located in Cold Station 12's stasis chamber.

While Doctor Arik Soong was working at C-12, he went to the stasis chamber many times, just to look at the globes. Nineteen of the globes were chosen by Soong, who subsequently stole and birthed the embryos they contained.

Though Soong imagined he would never again see the stasis globes after he committed the theft, they were again viewed by him in 2154, at which time he observed them alongside Lokesh, one of the Augments who Soong had birthed. Lokesh found the stasis globes "beautiful". (ENT: "Cold Station 12")

The term "stasis globes" comes from the final draft script of "Cold Station 12". In that script, they were described as "tiny floating spheres".

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