The following is a list of starships known to have participated in the Dominion War. This included starships operated by Starfleet, as well as the Cardassian, Klingon and Romulan Empires.

Unnamed Federation starships from the Akira-class, Defiant-class, Excelsior-class, Galaxy-class, Miranda-class, Nebula-class, Saber-class, and Steamrunner-class were also seen involved in the war.

Many of these unnamed vessels were seen as part of the Second Fleet or participants of large on-screen battles of Operation Return, First Battle of Chin'toka, and Battle of Cardassia.

Sisko's attack ship was also utilized during the war.


Ship Name Class Year* Status
USS Akagi 2374 Active
IKS B'Moth** K't'inga-class 2373 Destroyed
USS Bellerophon Intrepid-class 2375 Active
Belak** D'deridex-class 2371 Destroyed
USS Cairo Excelsior-class 2374 Destroyed
USS Centaur Unknown 2374 Active
USS Clement 2374 Unknown
USS Cochrane Oberth-class 2374 Unknown
USS Constellation 2374 Active
USS Cortez 2374 Destroyed
USS Curry Unknown 2374 Active
USS Defiant Defiant-class 2371-2375 Destroyed
USS Defiant Defiant-class 2375 Active
USS Destiny Unknown 2375 Active
Dividices D'deridex-class 2375 Active
USS Elkins medium cruiser variant 2374 Active
USS Exeter 2374 Unknown
USS Farragut Excelsior-class 2375 Active
USS Fredrickson Excelsior-class 2374 Active
USS Galaxy Galaxy-class 2374-2375 Active
USS Gander Danube-class 2375 Destroyed
Genorex D'deridex-class 2375 Active
USS Gettysburg 2375 Active
USS Grissom 2375 Destroyed
USS Honshu Nebula-class 2374 Destroyed
USS Hood Excelsior-class 2374 Active
IKS Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey 2375 Active
IKS Koraga K'vort-class 2375 Destroyed
Koranak** Keldon-class 2371 Destroyed
USS Leeds Nebula-class 2374 Active
Makar** D'deridex-class 2371 Destroyed
USS Magellan 2374 Active
USS Majestic Miranda-class 2374 Destroyed
IKS Malpara B'rel-class 2375 Destroyed
USS Maryland** 2370s MIA
USS Mekong** Danube-class 2370-2371 Destroyed
USS Musashi 2375 Active
USS Nautilus Miranda-class 2374 Active
IKS Negh'Var** Negh'Var-class 2373 Active
IKS Ning'tao B'rel-class 2375 Destroyed
USS Nobel 2374 Unknown
USS Odyssey** Galaxy-class 2370 Destroyed
IKS Orantho B'rel-class 2375 Active
USS Orinoco** Danube-class 2370-2372 Destroyed
IKS Par'tok Klingon freighter 2374 Active
USS Potemkin Excelsior-class 2374 Active
USS Proxima** 2370s MIA
Raging Queen Unknown 2374 Active
USS Repulse Excelsior-class 2375 Unknown
USS Rio Grande Danube-class 2370-2375 Active
IKS Rotarran Klingon Bird-of-Prey 2373-2375 Active
USS Sarajevo 2374 Unknown
USS Saratoga 2374 Active
USS Sarek Unknown 2374 Active
USS Sentinel Unknown 2375 Active
USS Shenandoah Danube-class 2374 Destroyed
USS ShirKahr Miranda-class 2374 Destroyed
USS Sitak Miranda-class 2374 Destroyed
IKS Slivin B'rel-class 2375 Active
USS Sutherland Nebula-class 2374 Active
USS T'Kumbra Nebula-class 2375 Active
USS Tecumseh 2374-2375 Unknown
USS Tian An Men** Miranda-class 2373-2374 Active
USS Trial Miranda-class 2372-2374 Active
USS Tripoli 2374 Unknown
USS Valiant Defiant-class 2373-2374 Destroyed
USS Valley Forge Excelsior-class 2374 Destroyed
USS Venture Galaxy-class 2373-2374 Active
USS Veracruz 2375 Active
USS Victory Constellation-class 2374 Unknown
IKS Vor'nak Vor'cha-class 2374 Active
USS Wyoming 2374 Unknown
IKS Y'tem** Klingon Bird-of-Prey 2373 Active
IKS Ya'Vang Klingon battle cruiser 2374-2375 Active
USS Yeager Yeager-type 2373-2374 Active
USS Zapata 2374 Unknown
* denotes known-year vessel participated in the war and does not reflect the complete timeframe of combat action.
** denotes vessels that were involved in Dominion encounters prior to the "official" declaration of war in late-2373.