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Name Affiliation Class/Type Last known status
Alpha Nine Maquis Raider Active
Alpha Seven Maquis Raider Active
Barzai Denobulan Medical ship Active
Batris Talarian Freighter Destroyed
Baxial Talaxian Cargo shuttle Active
Calondon Kressari freighter Active
CAR 54-Q Unknown Unknown Active
Cleponji Promellian Battle cruiser Destroyed
"USS Dauntless" Species 116 (faux Federation) "Dauntless"-class Assimilated
Dorian Unknown Transport Active
Ekina Unknown Cargo ship impounded
Erstwhile Coalition of Madena Class 9 freighter Active
Fesarius First Federation Unknown Active
Hospital Ship 4-2 Dinaali Hospital starship Active
Interceptor One Bajoran Interceptor Active
Jovis Zibalian Freighter impounded
Kallisko Boreal III Transport Abandoned
Kumari Andorian Andorian battle cruiser Destroyed
Martuk Lissepian Transport Active
Merchantman Unknown Merchant ship Destroyed
Mondor Pakled Transport Disabled
Nanut Tygarian freighter Active
Nenebek Pentarus V Mining shuttle Disabled
Nerada Nasari Starship Active
Nightingale Kraylor Unknown Active
Nokaro Unknown Colony ship Destroyed
Orbital 1 Unknown Unknown Decommissioned
Q'Maire Talarian Warship Active
Rak-Miunis Kobheerian Freighter Active
Rakosa One Rakosan Fighter Destroyed
Reyab Kobliad Transport ship Active
Salvoxia Talaxian Freighter Abandoned
Sanction Ornaran Freighter Destroyed
Scimitar Reman Warbird Destroyed
Sherval Das Valerian Transport Active
Taris Murn J'naii Shuttle Destroyed
Tezra Tellarite Freighter Cannibalized
Val Jean Maquis Raider Destroyed
USS Voyager Silver Blood (faux Federation) Intrepid-class Destroyed
Xhosa Petarian Freighter Active
Yonada Fabrini Asteroid colony ship Active

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