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Starlog was a monthly print magazine devoted to science fiction film and television and was conceived in 1976 by Norman Jacobs and Kerry O'Quinn. David Houston, who came up with the concept with O'Quinn, became an editor for the magazine as well as a contributor with numerous articles and interviews. Originally published under the imprint "O'Quin Studios, Inc.", it was later accommodated in "Starlog Press" as the founders started to bring more publications into the mix, starting in 1979 with the horror/fantasy orientated magazine Fangoria. According to the web-master of The Starlog Project, their original intent was to put out a one-shot magazine covering Star Trek: The Original Series. On the urging of their distributor the magazine was enhanced with articles about other genre productions to make it appealing to a more general public. Still, its first issue, dated August 1976, featured The Original Series on its cover and over the years the magazine remained Star Trek heavy with frequently published Star Trek-related articles, features and interviews. Given the founder's original intention and the fact that it was launched shortly before its conception, coverage of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was particularly heavy.

The formula caught on with the readership, and within two years the magazine was upgraded from a quarterly magazine to a monthly magazine. Apart from being one of the earliest specific genre publications, Starlog has also been one of the longest running, outliving its contemporary Cinefantastique by three years.

As with the other publications of Starlog Press, Starlog, where its behind-the-scenes features were concerned, was notable for the reproduction of production material (quite often made available by the production staff themselves), rarely seen afterwards.

In April 2009, Starlog decided to temporarily discontinue publication of the magazine in a print format with its most recent issue (#374), choosing to go exclusively into digital format at "". When that site shut down, contents were accommodated on the website of its sister publication Fangoria.

Notable issues

(This list is currently incomplete.)

As stated, Starlog has been very heavy on Star Trek throughout its entire run. However in many cases, content was restricted to short editorials, reviews and announcements. Listed below are those issues that contained larger and more in-depth articles and interviews.

Issue Cover Contents
1, August 1976 Starlog issue 001 cover
  • "Star Trek, Past, Present and Future", David Houston, pp. 22-26
  • "Special Collector's Section: Star Trek in Color", pp. 27-34
  • "William Shatner; Shakespeare to the Stars", Kirsten Russell, pp. 44-47
  • "Leonard Nimoy; The Man Between the Ears", I.K.Lindquist, pp. 48-51
2, November 1976 Starlog issue 002 cover
  • "Two men in one: Gene Roddenberry", Kez Howard, pp. 10-12
  • "The Star Trek movie: It's untitled, unwritten, and uncast-but it's about to go into orbit!", Jim Burns, p. 13
  • "Famous Trekkies- What they say about STAR TREK", pp. 14-15
3, January 1977 Starlog issue 003 cover
  • "Nasa unveils the Enterprise", p. 7
  • "The Star Trek Bi-centennial-10 Convention" (Special section), Joan Winston, Jim Burns, others, pp. 24-39
6, June 1977 Starlog issue 006 cover
12, March 1978 Starlog issue 012 cover
  • "The Making of Star Trek II; A Conversation with Gene Roddenberry", Susan Sackett, pp. 24-29
  • "Star Trek Report", Susan Sackett, p. 30
  • "Special Report on the (New) Enterprise", David Hutchison, p. 31
17, October 1978 Starlog issue 017 cover
  • "Man of Light & Vision: Ralph McQuarrie", David Houston, pp. 36-41, 70 (includes work done on Star Trek: Planet of the Titans)
  • "Gene Roddenberry:Star Trek - The Motion Picture", Joe Bonham (pseudonym for Ed Naha), pp. 42-43
  • "Star Trek Report", Susan Sackett, p. 55
25, August 1979 Starlog issue 025 cover
  • "Mike Minor: Illustrating the Future", David Hutchison, pp. 32-35, 61
  • "Star Trek Report", Susan Sackett, pp. 24, 46
27, October 1979 Starlog issue 027 cover
  • "The Model Makers at Magicam", David Houston, pp. 26-30
  • "Filming the Klingon's Destruction", Susan Sackett, p. 31
30, January 1980 Starlog issue 30 cover
32, March 1980 Starlog issue 032 cover
  • "STAR TREK illustrator Maurice Zuberano - Imaging the V'Ger", David Houston, pp. 17-19
  • "Andy Probert Talks about the Lost Designs of Star Trek The Motion Picture", David Houston, pp. 26-33, 63<
  • "Chekov's Enterprise, Part III", Walter Koenig, pp. 57-61
47, June 1981 Starlog issue 047 cover
  • "George Takei: Part I", Jim Burns, pp. 36-39, 62
  • "Star Trek-The Motion Picture: Props", David Hutchinson, pp. 57-61
106, May 1986 Starlog issue 106 cover
  • "Leonard Nimoy: A View from the Bridge", Steve Swires, pp. 52-54, 64, 74
107, June 1986 Starlog issue 107 cover
112, November 1986 Starlog issue 112 cover
  • "The Hit and Myth of "Star Trek"", Allan Asherman, p. 23
  • "The Writers of Star Trek", Edward Gross, pp. 36-37
  • "In salute; William Shatner", Dan Madsen, pp. 44-45, 85
  • "At the salute; Leonard Nimoy", pp. 46-47, 85
  • "At the salute; DeForrest Kelly", pp. 48-49, 87
  • "In salute; James Doohan", Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier, pp.50-51
  • "In salute; George Takei", John Adcox, pp. 52-53, 87
  • "At the salute; Nichelle Nichols", pp. 54-55, 88
  • "At the salute; Walter Koenig", pp. 56-57, 88
  • "The Novel Adventures of "Star Trek"", Robert Greenberger, pp. 63-67
  • "From the Notes of "Charlie Star Trek"", Charles Washburn, pp. 69-73
  • "On Location; "Star Trek IV"", Gigi Porter
132, July 1988 Starlog issue 132 cover
146, September 1989 Starlog issue 146 cover
  • "James Doohan: Daredevil of the Skies", Kathryn M. Drennan, pp. 53-56, 58
  • "George Takei: Real Anticipations, Eternal Frustrations", Ian Spelling, pp. 59-62

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