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Enterprise-D core section model

The saucer section cross model of the Enterprise-D

Borg cube model

The Borg cube studio model

Starlight Effects was a visual effects company based in Los Angeles, California. Created by its owner Kim Bailey, the company was hired to work on the second season episode "Q Who" as regular supplier, Gregory Jein Inc., though invited to make a bid, was unavailable at the time as the services of that company were secured exclusively by Associates and Ferren to build the studio models for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. (American Cinematographer, July 1989, p. 79)

The one-time subcontracting of Starlight Effects entailed the construction of the Borg cube model, force perspective saucer model, and cross section model. To ease the workload for the effects-laden episode, Baily hired Gene Rizzardi to build the force perspective model, and model maker David Heilman to help him out with the "Core Sample Model", which took them about three weeks.

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