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In the history of Starfleet, there have been many notable officers holding the rank of lieutenant junior grade.


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Only one officer in TOS wore a lieutenant junior grade braid, Tormolen in "The Naked Time", even though some officers (for example, Kyle, Leslie, Charlene Masters and Marla McGivers) were referred to as "lieutenant" in dialog but wore no rank insignia, which otherwise indicated an ensign or crewman, presenting a number of ambiguities in identifying a character's true rank. Contrarily, the junior engineer encountered aboard the Enterprise in "Trials and Tribble-ations" was described in the script as a "lieutenant, junior grade", but wore the stripes of a full lieutenant.

According to one early draft of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (dated 19 July 1978), Lieutenant Ilia was identified in dialog as a "Lieutenant Junior Grade".

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