Admirals Kirk and Harry Morrow in the Starfleet Officer's Lounge

The Starfleet Officer's Lounge was a lounge whose usual clientèle were Starfleet senior officers. The bar was situated on or near Earth and was under the jurisdiction of the United Federation of Planets, bearing a Federation symbol on its entry door, an access point that was serviced by a turbolift. The lounge had two rooms: a main room for communing, and an entry room that incorporated a desk and the aforementioned door.

In 2285, Fleet Admiral Harry Morrow and Rear Admiral James T. Kirk had a discussion in the Starfleet Officer's Lounge, during which Morrow denied Kirk permission to take the USS Enterprise on a return voyage to the Genesis Planet. In the entry room, Kirk decided to head back to the planet even without having gained Morrow's approval to do so. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

The name "Starfleet Officer's Lounge" comes from the screenplay for Star Trek III. [1] The set used for the area was built on Paramount Stage 14. It included two wall-mounted versions of the model for the Epsilon IX station from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, one in each room of the lounge. Also reported to be on the set, though not viewable on screen, was the model of the long range shuttle from The Motion Picture. (text commentary, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Special Edition) DVD)