Starfleet mission control logo

The Starfleet Mission Control logo

Flight director station, NX Control

Archer at the flight director station in the NX Control room of Starfleet Mission Control

Starfleet Mission Control was the division of Starfleet responsible for aerospace flights and test flights, with their main task being to manage space missions.

In 2143, Jonathan Archer was posted at the flight director station in NX-Control, a department of mission control, during A.G. Robinson's test warp flight of the NX-Alpha. (ENT: "First Flight")

According to mission patches seen in the 602 Club, the motto of Starfleet Mission Control was "Res gesta par excellentia", or more likely "Res gesta per excellentiam", which translates to "Achieve through Excellence", one of the mottoes of NASA's mission control.
The symbol on the patch appears to be the Greek letter sigma.

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