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This is a list of everyone believed to have graduated from Starfleet Academy or its corresponding annexes. Most Starfleet officers went to the Academy to earn their commissions.

This lists only those officers who have mentioned their "Academy days" in some way or another. Some enlisted personnel may actually be referring to the "Starfleet Technical Services Academy" when mentioning their "Academy days." Some other possible academies include the Aldebaran Music Academy, Andorian Academy, Denobulan Science Academy, Starfleet Medical Academy, Tri-Planetary Academy, and Vulcan Science Academy.

22nd centuryEdit

Known alumniEdit

Class of 2149

23rd centuryEdit

Known alumniEdit

Class of 2245
Class of 2253
Class of 2254
Class of 2259
Class of 2261
Class of 2267
Class of 2285
Class of 2290

Unknown yearEdit



24th centuryEdit

Known Class AlumniEdit

Class of 2327
Class of 2345
  • Data (claimed to be in the "Class of '78")
Class of 2346
Class of 2348
Class of 2354
Class of 2356
Class of 2357
Class of 2359
Class of 2361
Class of 2362
Class of 2363
Class of 2369
Class of 2370
Class of 2371
Class of 2372
Class of 2374

Unknown yearEdit



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