Starbase Trailer Twenty-Nine

Mission order received by Starbase Trailer 29 in 2364

Starbase Trailer Twenty-Nine was a Federation starbase administered by Starfleet. In 2364, the base commander was Commander Samuel Freedle.

In that year, on stardate 41734.4, this base received an order about the Romulan Neutral Zone patrol schedule from Commodore Richard K. Berman of Starfleet Command. According to that order, the base was to modify its defensive coverage of the zone by increasing sensor drone surveillance in the sectors 045 to 052 while decreasing it in sectors 004 to 010. In these latter sectors, active patrol duty required approval by the Admiral’s office.

At the end of that year, Data read this order and several others to investigate claims of a conspiracy among the highest members of Starfleet Command. (TNG: "Conspiracy", okudagram)

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