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Crusher and Picard 2354

Crusher and Picard in a corridor of Starbase 32 in 2354.

Picard-Jack Crusher corpse

The morgue at Starbase 32

Starbase 32 was a Federation starbase administrated by Starfleet. This base was located in the Maxia sector.

In 2354, when Jack Crusher died aboard the USS Stargazer, Captain Picard came to this base to meet with Jack's widow, Beverly Crusher, and present the body to her for funeral. (TNG: "Violations")


The set was not explicitly stated to be Starbase 32, however, a placard office directory created by the art department and seen on the wall behind Picard in the flashback sequence lists the base's name. The placard, as it appeared onscreen, is printed in The Continuing Mission, a reference work.

The set for the sections of Starbase 32 seen in this episode were built on Paramount Stage 16.


According to the novel Enterprise: The First Adventure, by Vonda N. McIntyre, Doctor Philip Boyce was the CMO of Starbase 32 following his tenure aboard the USS Enterprise.


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