For the alternate reality counterpart, please see Starbase 1 (alternate reality).
"There were eighty thousand souls on that base... a large contingent of our leadership and at least... three starships... the Klingons are practically in Earth's backyard..."

Starbase 1 was a Federation starbase administered by Starfleet. It was located one hundred au from Earth, near a planetary body. In the 2250s, the starbase was home to over 80,000 Federation personnel.

During the Federation-Klingon War, the starbase was attacked and occupied by the House of D'Ghor. The battle went undetected until the USS Discovery arrived and found no lifesigns were to be found of the 80,000 Federation inhabitants, which included a large contingent of leadership. Instead, 274 Klingon lifesigns were detected on the station, as was a painted-on crest of House D'Ghor. (DIS: "The War Without, The War Within")

The established distance from Earth places the starbase in the scattered disc of the Sol system. It may orbit one of the many icy dwarf planets found in this region of space.
Close inspection of the planet shown below the starbase seems to reveal features from Earth, such as Lake Michigan and the Florida peninsula. The latter must likely be regarded as a VFX error.

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