Starbase 375 with ships

Starbase 375 supporting Federation starships during the Dominion War (2376)

Starbase 11, TOS remastered

Planetside facilities of Starbase 11 (2267)

Deep space 9

Deep Space 9, formerly a Cardassian station placed under Starfleet administration (2376)

A starbase was a permanent support facility operated by Starfleet, consisting of space stations, drydocks, and/or ground installations. Starbases were hubs of activity and could serve multiple military and civilian functions. (e.g., TOS: "Court Martial"; TNG: "11001001"; DS9: "Behind the Lines")

In late 2154, Earth Starfleet vessel Enterprise was assigned to scout Berengaria VII as a potential site for the first of a series of proposed starbases. (ENT: "Bound") Starbase 12 was in operation by 2167, Starbase 200 by 2267, and new starbases were still being established as of the 2360s, e.g., Farpoint Station, Starbase 173, and Deep Space 9. (TOS: "This Side of Paradise"; TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "The Measure Of A Man", "Power Play"; DS9: "Emissary")

Most Federation starbases were commanded by Starfleet officers, often a flag officer (e.g., TOS: "Court Martial", "The Deadly Years"; TNG: "The Measure Of A Man", "Redemption II", "Starship Mine"; DS9: "Whispers"). Some, such as Deep Space Station K-7, were under civilian authority. (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles")

Federation starbases offered multiple services and amenities, including:

In the final draft script of TOS: "Mudd's Women" (dated 26 May 1966), this type of facility was called a "starship base".
According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, (3rd ed., p. 464), there were over five hundred starbases located throughout Federation space and beyond.

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