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Licensed Star Trek starship miniatures have been produced by a large number of companies since the early 1970s, providing fans with scaled replicas of many starships from the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek starship miniatures

An assortment of Star Trek starship miniatures.

These replicas have been produced from a wide variety of different materials. Some miniatures are functional devices, some are intended as toys, novelties, and gaming accessories, while others are strictly decorative.

Starship lines and collections Edit

Dinky Toys No.358 USS Enterprise Diecast bubblepack 1977

One of the earliest Star Trek starship miniatures produced by Dinky in 1977

Starship gaming miniaturesEdit

Additional starship toys Edit

Aircraft and rockets Edit

Electronics Edit

Novelties Edit

Promotional and home video premiums Edit

* Planned but no products released
† Incomplete release
‡ Upcoming release

See also Edit

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