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Star Trek and pop culture

The following are examples of music that parodies or references Star Trek.

Adam Sandler

"The Chanukah Song" is a popular holiday song written and performed by actor and comedian Adam Sandler. The song is comprised of a list of celebrities who, like Sandler, are Jewish, with the intent of comforting those who felt isolated during Chanukah by proving that there were others in the world who were also Jewish. Among those celebrities referenced in the first song (two more would follow) are Star Trek: The Original Series stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy,

"You don't need 'Deck the Halls' or 'Jingle Bell Rock'
"When you can spin a dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mister Spock
Both Jewish!"

Admiral Radley

Indie-rock "supergroup" Admiral Radley released the song "GNDN", written as a love song to Star Trek: The Original Series, on their 2010 debut album I Heart California. Lyrics reference Sulu and Spock, and include the verse,

With its cardboard parts
And its light bulb stars
It nearly fell apart
Still, it captured hearts
All our hearts

The Aquabats

The Aquabats song "Meltdown!" from their 2005 album Charge!!, features the lyric "I will go to work, just like Captain Kirk."

Astral Projection

A quote taken from La Forge is sampled in the first twenty seconds of trance song "The Feelings" by the Israeli duo Astral Projection. [1]

Beastie Boys

Rap act The Beastie Boys' 1998 song "Intergalactic" features the lyric "...Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock".

The song "Ch-Check It Out" also contains several references to Star Trek. Not only does the song contain the lyrics "All you trekkies and TV addicts..." and "All you Klingons in your Grandma's house...", but the video also contains a homage to The Original Series, with the three members of the group dressed as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy

The song "Brouhaha", on the same album, contains the following lines:

Communicator check one two one two
This is Bones McCoy on a line to Sulu
Set the bullshit to warp factor one
Check your tri-corder set your phaser to stun

Eleven years later, they entered Star Trek canon, as young Jim Kirk listened to their song "Sabotage" during his joyride in his stepfather's Corvette in 2009's Star Trek.


"Warp Factor Five" is a song released by the Christian band Bleach with obvious references to Star Trek.

Chris Zippel

Songs by Chris Zippel featuring a quote from Star Trek:

"As Possible" from "The Inner Light":

Seize the time, Meribor - live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again. Picard, as Kamin, to his daughter.
Although it skip to live now! (and include the rest).

"Mirror Dawn" from "Strange New World":

When I was a kid I'd go camping with my buddies. We'd spend half the night looking up at the stars wondering what our own sun would look like from this far away. Tucker
Now you know. Travis


"The Picard Song" is an electronica theme created by DarkMateria. The song's lyrical content is comprised solely from audio samples of dialog from Star Trek: The Next Generation, most of which are lines spoken by Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Samples used

- Picard doppelganger ("Allegiance")
  • "The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth... scientific truth, or historical truth, or personal truth. It is the guiding principle on which Starfleet is based. If you can't find it within yourself to stand up and tell the truth... you don't deserve to wear that uniform." ("The First Duty")
  • "This is becoming a speech."
    "You're the captain, sir, you're entitled."
    "Hmm... I'm entitled to ramble on about something everyone knows."
- Picard and Deanna Troi ("Code of Honor")
  • "He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that no-one had a chance to interrupt; it was really quite hypnotic." ("Timescape")
  • "You'll have to call again, I was just leaving. I'm uhh... not dressed properly." ("The Big Goodbye")
  • "My love is a fever, longing still for that which longer nurseth the disease."
    "Tell me more."
    "In faith I do not love thee with mine eyes for they in thee a thousand error see; but 'tis my heart, that loves what they despise, who in despite of view, are pleased to dote, shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
- Picard and Lwaxana Troi ("Ménage à Troi")
  • "Darmok and Jilad at Tenagra." ("Darmok")
  • "I am Locutus of Borg. You will respond to my questions." ("Descent")
  • "You are Borg. You will assist us." ("I Borg")

The song also makes extensive use of the quotes "Engage", "Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise", and "Make it so", particularly during the chorus. Since these are spoken by Patrick Stewart in many episodes, it is difficult – if not impossible – to determine the samples' specific episodes of origin.

Usage in other media

A "Picard Song" sample is the feature of a popular YTMND page. However, according to the YTMND wiki, "Some users seem to believe that the 'Luc' in 'Jean-Luc' is not spoken in the sound file used for the site. The 'Luc' is present, but it is difficult to hear because of the electronic beats that comprise the percussion of the song. Nevertheless, some users maintain that the 'Luc' is absent." [2]

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A death/thrash/hardcore band based out of Boston, Massachusetts have several songs based upon Star Trek. The song "The Last Battlefield" is based upon the TOS episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield". The song "The Savage Curtain" is based upon the episode "The Savage Curtain." They have a few TNG themed episodes as well. The singer/guitarist is often seen wearing a Star Trek hat.

Digable Planets

The song "It's Good to be Here" contains the following lyrics:

Stopped at pluto to cop some petrol
Met some klingons, and got our things on
Cruisin warp 6 with mr. Wiggles in the mix
Hendrix passin peas, star child get the fix
The saucer shook the heavens with the blooms and the blams
Because when we hit New York - shazam
We droppin like a comet and this vulcan tried to spock it
These martians tried to do it, but knew they couldn't cop it
The others from our brother planet lands in the flesh
From up in sector 6, yes y'all


In 1992/1993 this Austrian electronica/dance band had a European hit called "Starship Edelweiss".

The song starts with:

The final frontier
Discover a new dimension of travel
Edelweiss space tours
Where no man has gone before..."

and the chorus says:

"Beam me to the stars
Beam me up to mars
Beam me up to see Starship Edelweiss
Beam me high above
Galaxy of love
Beam me up to meet Starship Edelweiss"


The Austrian symphonic power metal band Edenbridge has a number of Star Trek-related references, not least of which is the name of founder Lanvall's studio, Farpoint Station.

Their 2004 album Shine features two DS9-themed songs, 'Move Along Home' and 'What You Leave Behind'. On their 2008 album MyEarthDream, another two songs, 'Shadowplay' (after the DS9 episode of the same name, with references to the plot of the episode) and 'Remember Me' (after the TNG episode) are Trek-themed.

The video for the song 'Higher' from their 2010 album Solitaire features a duel between a swordsman and an cowled and masqued assailant resembling Joran Dax from the DS9 episode Equilibrium, who in the end of the video turns out to be the swordsman's doppelgänger.

The Firm

In 1987, a group called The Firm released Star Trekkin', a comedy single based on The Original Series. The song was #1 for two weeks in the UK singles charts. The video featured stop motion animated versions of the cast of The Original Series.

The song's lyrics are made up of parodies or deliberately funny readings of famous lines from The Original Series. For example, the song's chorus includes the line: "Boldly going forward, 'cause we can't find reverse."


The first albums of this Canadian progressive rock group dealt almost solely with science fiction themes, the best known of which, "Phasors on Stun", is quite clearly a Star Trek reference.

Futuristic Sex Robotz

This band did a song called "The Positronic Pimp", extolling the successes of Data, which quotes "Ode to Spot" in response to the lyrics "What does the android have to say about his favorite ***?"

Hillman Morning Show

"Star Trek Rhapsody" is a parody of Queen's song "Bohemian Rhapsody". This song is often incorrectly associated with "Weird Al" Yankovic, but it is actually from a group known as Hillman Morning Show and was written and voiced by the show's co-host Kevin Barbare. Several music videos for the song, including one by the original performer, are widely available on the internet.

Information Society

"What's On Your Mind" features Spock saying "Pure energy" several times. In the 12" mix, the song begins with a clip of McCoy saying "It's worked so far, but we're not out yet!" The clips are from "Errand of Mercy" and "I, Mudd" respectively.

"Walking Away" begins with a clip of Captain Kirk saying "It is useless to resist us." Later in the song, Scotty can be heard saying "Let's go see!" These clips are from "Mirror, Mirror" and "Wolf in the Fold", respectively.

A brief track on the HACK album entitled "Charlie X" consists of a distorted clip of the title character saying "I can make you all go away anytime I want to!"


The German comedy-metal band JBO recorded two songs as a tribute to Star Trek on their record "Laut!" in 1997: "Sound Trek" and "Star Treck".

Hurra, hurra,
ich flieg' mit Picard!
Was fuer ein Glück,
ich flieg' mit Jean-Luc

Translated, the chorus of the latter one means:

Hurra! Hurra! I fly with Picard
I am so Lucky to fly with Jean Luc
(which rhymes perfectly in the original song)

"Sound Trek" was a parody based on the German version of the series' intro:

Der Weltraum... unendliche Breiten. Dies sind die Abenteuer der Rockband JBO, die sich auf den Weg macht, um fremde Mädchen zu entdecken, unbekannte Lebensformen ... und was ihnen sonst noch so über den Weg läuft. JBO trinkt dabei ein ... oder zwei... Bier, nicht?
Space... infinitely jagged. These are the voyages of the rock band JBO, who is seeking out new girls, and new life ... and whatever they are going to encounter. To boldly ... drink ... a beer or two, won't they?

Jason Mraz

In the pop song "Wordplay," Mr. Atoz is referenced in the chorus.


Folk Singer Jewel's song "Race Car Driver" has a reference to Star Trek.

I'm gonna take you at high warp speed, it's better than watching Star Trek after you've smoked weed!

Jimmy Buffett

Buffett's song "Boat Drinks", about how miserable a resident of the tropics feels while stuck in a cold-weather area, contains a possible sci-fi way to cure the blues.

I'd like to go where the pace of life's slow - could you beam me somewhere, Mr. Scott?
Any old place, here on Earth or in space - you pick the century and I'll pick the spot.

Buffett's song "Fruitcakes" from the eponymous album also references Star Trek: "The future. Captain's log stardate two thousand and something."

"When Salome plays the drums" - "phasers on stun"

"Cliches" - "He's always tuned into Star Trek. She's always tuned into him".

"Beach House on the Moon" - "Cameron's getting logical, a Vulcan in disguise".

Lady GaGa

Towards the end of the song "Just Dance," the sound effect of a Romulan torpedo can be heard in the background.

MF Doom

The song "The Drop", from the album Vaudeville Villain (released under the moniker Viktor Vaughn) contains the following lyrics:

Make a hick say "what the hey?" brought that chick from sick bay
Ensign, he shoulda asked his upperclassmen
Before he bust blast 'em, never trust no Cardassian
Captain's log supplemental
The Klingons are now aboard the enterprise rental vessel
On my cue, photon torpedo
Oh, and if I'm not on the block with Jorgito
And so on for the street though
Smoke a pound of leak though
I'm jokin on the fact that hiphop has gone freak show

Furthermore, the opening track of his album Take Me To Your Leader (released under the moniker King Geedorah) is called "Fazers", and ends with the line: "Rule number one: keep your phasers on stun".


99 Luftballons (German)

99 Duesenjaeger
Jeder war ein grosser Krieger
Hielten sich fuer Captain Kirk
Das gab ein grosses Feuerwerk

99 Red Balloons (English)

Everyone's a superhero.
Everyone's a Captain Kirk.
With orders to identify.
To clarify and classify.

Nerf Herder

The fourth track on the album American Cheese by pop punk group Nerf Herder is entitled "Mr. Spock", and the lyrics contain references to both Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the TOS episode "Arena".

Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj released a mixtape in April 2009 called Beam Me Up Scotty, with album art featuring the USS Enterprise as it appeared in Star Trek, which was released a month later. The mixtape's final track has the same title.

No Kill I

No Kill I, who began their destiny in 1993, is a mix between 1980s hardcore senseless nonsense and Star Trek. They love and enjoy both, but of course, the scene for folks who played or saw hardcore punk bands in the 1980s is very limited, but still, there's nothing funner than making fun of things most people won't get. Dennis Miller built his evil career on that. The fun of a Star Trek punk band started: No Kill I: The Next Generation (NKI: TNG), and the second spin off: No Kill I: Deep Space Nine (NKI: DS9), which were Star Trek punk bands that played in Trekkies 2. Warp 11 also took their cue from this band.

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Ookla the Mok

In 2005, the band Ookla the Mok recorded a song using the lyrics from Data's poem for their album, Dave Lennon.


"Time Squared" There is the theory of the moebius. A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop by Worf is featured in Orbital songs "The Moebius" and "Time becomes", although the first song also include when we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again by La Forge (from the same episode).


Rock band Phish wrote and performed a song called "Spock's Brain," although the song has never made it onto any of the band's albums. The song was inspired by the episode and its title was chosen over several other options by a live audience.

Paul Gilbert

American guitarist Paul Gilbert, former member of the band Mr. Big, recorded a song called "Mr. Spock" in his 2005 album Space Ship One. The lyrics are about a person who denies being overcome by emotions. The chorus has the following lyrics:

No I'm not crying, I'm not crying
I don't have time to spend on that
I've got to keep on trying
I'm not crying, I'm not crying
I only want you back
And so I really should be flying
To knock on your door, Mr.Spock is no more


American pop singer P!nk recorded the song "Beam Me Up" for her sixth studio album The Truth About Love, released on 14 September 2012. The song was written by P!nk herself and Billy Mann. In this song she also mentioned a parallel universe. [3]


The Finnish funk band Q-Continuum's name pays homage to the world of the Q, by the same name. Some of the band's songs also make reference to the Q, for example, "Q Is Comin". They have released two albums as well as some singles and EPs.


The music video for German band Rammstein's song "Amerika" features the bandmembers as astronauts on the Moon, playing with a 1991 Data East version Star Trek Pinball game.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Californication" mentions that "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement."

The Refreshments

The 1996 song "Banditos" by The Refreshments references TNG's Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a repeated verse:

Give your ID card to the border guard
Now your alias says you're Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Of the United Federation of Planets
Cause he won't speak English anyway.

S.P.O.C.K. (Star Pilot On Channel K)


  • Five Year Mission (1993)
  • Alien Worlds (1995)
  • A Piece of the Action (1995)
  • Assignment: Earth (1997 and 1998)
  • Earth Orbit: Live (1997)
  • Official Fan Club (1997)
  • S.P.O.C.K: 1999 (1999)
  • 2001: A S.P.O.C.K Odyssey (2001)

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Semisonic references the TOS episode "Spock's Brain" in the song "Never You Mind" from the album Feeling Strangely Fine.

"...Switch on the box, Mr. Spock is on the table, Dr. McCoy is unable to connect his brain..."

The Sisters of Mercy

On their website, rock band The Sisters of Mercy write: "Our smoke and lights work together to create moving clouds and shafts of colour. Imagine them as a life-form from the first series of Star Trek. Then imagine having a symbiotic relationship with that life-form. If you don't know what symbiosis is, just imagine having sex. If you don't know what a relationship is, just imagine having sex. If you don't know what sex is, you probably watch too much Star Trek. Oops." [4]


"Where's Captain Kirk?" is a song released originally by the punk band SpizzEnergi in 1979 and covered by the band R.E.M. in 1992. The lyrics are about the singer suddenly finding himself aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Star Trek: The Lost Episode

Star Trek: The Lost Episode is a radio bit comprised of soundbites from various episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, edited together to create a "lost episode" in which Captain Kirk and Spock become... intimate. Soundbites of Montgomery Scott are also included. The bit is played by certain radio morning shows nationwide.

The bit begins like this:

Kirk: Captain's Log. Specimen-gathering mission on planet Alfa 177. Mr. Spock is much stronger than the ordinary Human being. Aroused, his great physical strength could kill. But it's a risk I'll have to take.
(Kirk enters Spock's quarters)
Kirk: Is something troubling you, Mr. Spock?
Spock: May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with Humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.
Kirk: Unlike you, we Humans are filled with unpredictable emotions.
Spock: Love. Tenderness.
Kirk: Yes. Yes.
Spock: If I seem insensitive to what you're going through, captain, understand it's the way I am.
Kirk: Don't be afraid. Here's my hand.
Spock: You are beautiful. More beautiful than any dream of beauty I've ever known.
Kirk: What is your point, Mr. Spock?
Spock: I love you... I can love you.
Kirk: Kiss me!
(The love music from the original series plays and a zipper sound effect is heard)
Kirk: Are you out of your mind?
Spock: The prospect seemed quite attractive to you a moment ago.
Kirk: You don't really want to hurt me, do you? Put that thing away.
Spock: No, I don't think so...

As Kirk and Spock continue (complete with screams provided by the "evil" Kirk duplicate from "The Enemy Within"), Scotty interrupts and becomes involved in the proceedings. The bit ends with Kirk depicting in his log that he's seen a part of himself that no man should ever see, after which he tells Spock "Thank you ... from both of us." Both are lines from the end of "The Enemy Within".

One of the radio morning shows that occasionally play this bit is Tommy & Rumble on the Virginia radio station, WNOR (FM99). Tommy & Rumble once played the bit for actor James Doohan (who played Scotty) when he was a guest at the station. According to co-host Rick Rumble, halfway through the bit, Doohan demanded that they "turn that thing OFF!" Rumble stated it was a lot like being on the bridge or in the engine room of the USS Enterprise, being yelled at by "Scotty".


Klingon metal band seen in Trekkies 2 that sings only in Klingonese.

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Terry Talbot

Terry Talbot, along with his brother John Michael Talbot, was a leading member of the highly influential rock band Mason Profit before discovering Christianity and each subsequently doing solo work. On Terry's 1978 album A time to laugh, a time to sing on the cut "Angels" Terry parodies (in addition to Rev. Billy Graham) Star Trek crew meeting God on their viewscreen. He starts out saying "if there's a shuttle craft, it'll wait." and "there's Lt. Uhura with a baby bottle in her ear". Spock shows emotion shouting out "Alelujah." Great routine.

Velvet Acid Christ

Velvet Acid Christ is an electro-industrial band hailing from Denver, Colorado. The song "Thought Criminal" from their 1997 release Neuralblastoma contains, among others, lengthy samples of Jonathan Frakes as Commander Riker and Brent Spiner as Lieutenant Commander Data from the TNG episode "Frame of Mind". The samples used are of the characters reciting their lines from the episode's titular play, Frame of Mind.

Velvet Acid Christ have also released several versions of the track "Futile". It contains several samples of the TNG crew's encounters with the Borg. Versions of the song mixed before 1996 have samples taken from the series Star Trek The Next Generation. Versions of the song mixed after 1996 (most notably "Futile (Resisted mix by Funker Vogt)") contain samples from the from the the motion picture Star Trek: First Contact, including phrases from the Borg as well as dialogue between the Borg Queen and Jean-Luc Picard.


Voltaire, the Dark Cabaret/Darkwave artist, released an EP called Banned on Vulcan. It was comprised entirely of parodies of various aspects of the Star Trek universe.

Warp 11

Warp 11 is a rock band that performs humorous songs inspired by Star Trek, with sometimes profane and sexually-related lyrics. They are comprised of four members: "Captain" Karl Miller (lead vocalist and bassist), "Chief Medical Officer" Jeff Hewitt (drummer), "Chief Engineer" Brian Moore (guitarist), and "Chief Science Officer" Kiki Stockhammer (vocalist). The male band members wear torn, short-sleeve versions of the TOS-style Starfleet uniforms.

Warp 11 has released albums since 2000:

  • Suck My Spock (2000)
  • Red Alert (2002)
  • Boldly Go Down on Me (2005)
  • He's Dead, Jim (2007)
  • I Don't Want To Go To Heaven, As Long As They Have Vulcans In Hell (2009)

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We Didn't Start The Series

This song, sung to the tune of "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel, was used on local television affiliates during the original run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, to promote the series.

Jean Luc,
Geordi's Specs,
Mysteries on the Holodecks
Triple Droids,
Telepathic Betazoids
Deadly Claw
Visitor from L.A. Law
No Kirk,
Captain who has gone berserk
Counselor Troi,
Doctor Crusher's little boy
Klingon Rites,
New Heights,
Phaser Fights,
Data's Head,
Tasha's Dead,
Riker's Hangin' by a thread
Everyone to battle stations
We didn't start the series,
It's the Next Generation
on your favorite station
We didn't start the series,
But when we are gone it will
still be on and on and on...
We didn't start the series...

"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al", the Prince of Parody, has parodied on Star Trek several times in his songs. Some verified references include:

  • "...Suddenly I'm bowling on the Starship Enterprise..."
    • Song: "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White"
    • Album: Even Worse
  • "...A local radio station had this contest to see who could correctly guess the number of molecules in Leonard Nimoy's butt."
  • "...I'm not even welcome at the Star Trek convention..."
  • "Tell Me Why, I Bid On Shatner's Old Toupee..."
    • Song: "eBay"
    • Album: Poodle Hat
  • "...Seen each Star Trek eighty times..."
    • Song: "Gee, I'm A Nerd"
    • Album: Tour song, never released
  • "Your homemade Star Trek uniform / Really ain't impressin' me"
Additionally, in the music video for this song, the last shot is of Weird Al performing the Vulcan salute.

The W's

The 1998 song "Pup" by The W's references Captain James T Kirk.

Followed you home one night after work.
Saw you go inside and watch Captain Kirk.
Ten o'clock rolled around the lights went out.
That's when I decided to roam about.

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