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Star Trek Adventure 1988 Hollywood venue poster

Star Trek Adventure, one of the first official attractions

Several officially licensed and/or sanctioned attractions and events have been organized the past decades featuring a Star Trek-theme. Typically, these entailed especially produced events and/or activities such as concerts, live performances, tours, special screenings, rides and other activities aimed at Star Trek universe-immersed (on occasion educational) entertainment for audiences and visitors1. A such they are considered separate from Star Trek exhibitions which only (passively) display items and related materials stemming from the live-action franchise such as rarely-seen props and behind-the-scenes information, though they have increasingly incorporated interactive components as well. Nevertheless, in some instances the distinction has become somewhat blurred as some attractions did also feature exhibits and vice-versa, such as Star Trek: Orion Rendezvous and Star Trek: The Experience.

Though licensed, it was somewhat ironically that it was not the official franchise, but rather Universal Studios who organized and produced one of the very first, if not the first, official Star Trek attractions, the two, 1988-1996 "Star Trek Adventure" live-performance attraction variants, housed on its two theme-park premises in Los Angeles, California and in Orlando, Florida. [1]

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1Strictly speaking, Star Trek conventions could also be seen as falling under this entry's heading. However, for practical reasons, Memory Alpha treats these separately, if only for the fact that virtually all of them (or any other ones grounded in pop-culture for that matter, and even though several of the larger ones – the hugely popular ComicCons spring to mind – were later taken over by professional production companies such as Creation Entertainment) started out as unofficial, "amateur", fan-initiated events, as opposed to the ones listed here, which were from the start produced and organized by official professional parties.

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