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Star Trek Visions of Law and Justice is a book covering topics on law in the Star Trek universe.


Star Trek Visions of Law and Justice weds popular media with academic inquiry, by illustrating the connection between the future world of Star Trek and today's American and international legal system. Editors Robert H. Chaires and Bradley Chilton collect fourteen articles exploring issues of the legal system, international law, corrections, justice, and equality. Scholars in law, political science, criminal justice, sociology, education, and public administration provide a truly interdisciplinary perspective on the Star Trek universe and how it relates to the real world of law and justice today.
Star Trek Visions of Law and Justice is for anyone interested in what the future holds for the American justice system and for fans of Star Trek worldwide. It makes an ideal text to teach students interdisciplinary academic concepts using a familiar, popular media phenomenon.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.


  • Introduction: Where Few Scholars Have Gone Before: A Note About the Editors and Authors
  • Star Trek and Law
  • Law, Justice, and Star TrekRobert H. Chaires and Bradley Chilton
  • The Law of the Federation: Images of Law, Lawyers, and the Legal System in Star Trek: The Next GenerationPaul Joseph and Sharon Carton
  • The Interstellar Relations of the Federation: International Law and Star Trek: The Next GenerationMichael P. Scharf and Lawrence D. Roberts
  • Legal Development: Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise of Constitutional Interpretation – Michael Stokes Paulsen
  • Star Trek and Justice
  • Where No Woman Has Gone Before: Feminist Perspectives on Star TrekSusan A. Lentz
  • Visions of Corrections in Star Trek: Something Old, Nothing New – Matthew C. Leone
  • Crime and "Repentance": Justice Administration and the Moral Self in a New Age – Charles Vivona
  • The Understanding of Evil: A Joint Quest for Criminology and Theology – B. Grant Stitt
  • What Color is an Android?: Some Reflections on Race and Intelligence in Star TrekSusan A. Lentz and Robert H. Chaires
  • Star Trek and the Future
  • Star Trek as a Pedagogical Vehicle for Teaching Law and Justice – Robert H. Chaires
  • Four Visions of the Century Ahead: Will It Be Star Trek, Ecotopia, Big Government, or Mad Max? – Robert Costanza
  • Star Trek and Stare Decisis: Legal Reasoning and Information Technology – Bradley Stewart Chilton
  • Utopia vs. Dystopia: The Quantum Mechanics of Star TrekRobert H. Chaires
  • About the Editors and Authors
  • Further Reading

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