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VCD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 2
Director: William Shatner
Release date: 1994 (US)
1995 (Europe)
1996 (Sweden)
10 August 2001 (Hong Kong)
2002 (Indonesia, Malaysia)
2003 (Taiwan re-release)
5 May 2004 (Hong Kong re-release)
18 July 2005 (China)
Subtitles: Swedish (Sweden)
Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
Dubbed: Mandarin Chinese (China)
Reference: 310-690-337-2 (US)
811 2068 (UK)
812 2068 (France)
813 2068 (Germany)
814 2068 (Netherlands)
817 2113 (Sweden)
PDV-1061 (Taiwan)
ISRC: CN-A13-04-01140/V.J9 (China)
Year: 2287
Star Trek 5 VCD cover (UK).jpg

UK cover

UK cover
TFF CD-i Menu.png

Main menu

Main menu

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was the VCD release of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Chapters Edit

Disc Scene Title
1 1 Secret Pain
2 Shore Leave
3 Paradise Lost
4 Campfire
5 Space Garbage
6 Ghost from the Past
7 Storming the City
8 Stealing the Ship
2 9 Jail Break
10 Releasing the Pain
11 Eden
12 The Masks of God
13 Marooned
14 Brothers in Arms
15 End Credits

Previous release:
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek films
Next release:
Star Trek Generations

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