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LaserDisc release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 1
Director: William Shatner
Release date: 1989 (full-screen)
19 September 1991 (widescreen)
Other release date(s): 25 April 1990 (1st FS Japan)
10 February 1993 (2nd FS Japan)
1993 (rental only Japan)
10 March 1994 (WS Japan)
1996 (France)
Rating(s): MPAA PG
Reference: LV32044 ((FS US)
LV32044-WS (WS US)
PILF-1006 (1st FS Japan)
PILF-1570 (2nd FS Japan)
PILR-1050 (rental only Japan)
PILF-1770 (WS Japan)
PLFFB-34781 (France)
Year: 2287

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was the LaserDisc release of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.


Released in the US originally in 1989, the Final Frontier was re-released in widescreen as part of the box set Star Trek: The Movies - 25th Anniversary Collection and as a standalone in 1991. In Japan, the film was released twice in the full-screen format, first in 1990 and again in 1993. The first widescreen version was released in 1992 as part of the box set Star Trek: The Complete Collection, with a rental only copy released the next year. A standalone widescreen copy was released in 1994. France got a standalone copy in 1996 while the rest of Europe could get the film as part of the Star Trek - The Screen Voyages box set. The final release came in Japan in 1998 as part of the box set Star Trek: The Bilingual Collection.

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