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Cover of Star Trek UNO game

Star Trek UNO is a card game produced by Mattel in 1999. The game is the same as the standard UNO card game, except with a Star Trek theme and four unique "Starfleet Command" cards that affected gameplay:

  • Live Long And Prosper allows you to discard your hand of cards and draw a new hand of the same size (if you discarded six cards, you drew six new cards), then call a new base color to continue play.
  • Mind Meld forces the next player to show you their hand of cards.
  • Double Tribble allows you to call a new base color, then forces the next player to draw enough cards that their hand size is doubled (i.e. if they hold five cards, they must draw five more).
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty negates the effect of any of the other Command cards directed toward you, then allows you to call a new base color to continue play.

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