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The Star Trek Smithsonian Exhibit was a museum display opened at the Air and Space Museum in 1992. As part of the display, set pieces and costumes from Star Trek: The Original Series were displayed, including the original helm from the USS Enterprise, a tribble, and Captain James T. Kirk's Starfleet uniform.

The exhibit also featured the original script for "The City on the Edge of Forever" as well as studio models for the original starship Enterprise, the refit version from Star Trek: The Motion Picture as well as the original model for the SS Botany Bay.

The exhibit ran several Star Trek documentaries made specifically for the exhibit. These documentaries included numerous interviews with Original Series cast members including more rare discussions with such guest cast members as Gary Lockwood and William Campbell.

In 1993, the exhibit expanded in conjunction with the release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Visitors to the exhibit had the chance to view the film on an omnimax film screen.

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